Radio Espial: Publishing and Self-Publishing with Linda Riesenberg Fisler


  This is the fourth episode for Radio Espial, presented by Mick Rooney. This episode features an extended interview with Linda Riesenberg Fisler, indie author and artist. We discuss publishing, media and politics. Continue reading

A Question of Book Reviewing Ethics: What Say You?


 POD People requests that authors interested in having a book reviewed send a query email, not a copy of the book. This is not something we do just to make authors’ lives more difficult.  This site has more than one reviewer so if the the query piques a reviewer’s interest the book needs to be sent directly to the interested reviewer.  Sending an e-book to our main address just maximizes the chance of it being lost, spam-blocked, or otherwise going astray. Of course people do it anyway. No biggie. In recent weeks, however, several authors have gone one step furtherRead More Continue reading

INDIE BOOK REVIEW: An Heir to Thorns and Steel


MCA Hogarth has a refreshingly idiosyncratic take on fantasy and this book is no exception. Morgan Locke is a university student in a fantasy realm that feels broadly Victorian but with radical difference in areas like the role of religion and the degree to which magic and mythological races turn out to be real. Continue reading

Draft2Digital Partners with Findaway Voices for Audiobook Alternative to Audible


Today marks the launch of a partnership between publishing aggregator, Draft2Digital, and audiobook production service, Findaway Voices. The partnership opens opportunities for independent authors and publishers to easily produce and distribute audiobooks to over 170 markets, including Amazon’s Audible and Apple iTunes. Indie authors can now produce and publish audiobooks with many of the same advantages gained from independent eBook publishing. Continue reading

7 Pieces of Advice on Promoting Your E-Book – Annabelle Short | Guest Post


You’ve put in the long hours…

You’ve overcome writer’s block…

You’ve put all your efforts into developing your newest masterpiece – your e-book. Now, you plan to sit back and watch the downloads flow in…

But, wait.

Do keep in mind that there is still a fair amount of work to be done – your job doesn’t end when the last chapter is complete.

An e-book is a great way to reach a variety of readers – especially those in the newer generation. Continue reading

REVIEW: Holding Fire


Holding Fire edited by Scott Hughes is an anthology of ten stories with the theme of the destructive effects of holding onto anger or rage. I have to admit that my first reaction to the theme, intriguing as it is, is that it sounds like a bit of a downer. Stories of nasty instant karma, no matter how clever, might be a little too depressing to be good entertainment. Continue reading

REVIEW: Ten Gentle Opportunities


So I’ve been a fan of Jeff Duntemann’s writing for some time.  This, his newest novel and first since 2006, was well-worth the wait.  The novel opens with one Bartholomew Stypek on the run from a magician in a fairly low-tech fantasy setting.  The chief difference between this world and the bog-standard Fantasyland is that magic can be bought and sold like salt, and worked at least in part by non-adepts.  Stypek’s on the run because he stole ten “Opportunities” (raw magic) from a magician, who wants them back. Continue reading

REVIEW: Void Contract


Void Contract is the story of Max Culp, human medic and assassin.  In the fairly far future, humanity has developed faster-than-light ships, made contact with various alien races and in true human fashion fought a war with one race.  Humanity won that war, although the alien race defeated in said war still exists.  Oh, and there’s an over-race, the Magi, running around, who bestow technology on other races as they see fit. Continue reading

SFWA Opens to Consideration of Self-Published Authors


 “….the membership of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America has approved bylaw changes that enable SFWA to accept self-publication and small-press credits for Active and Associate memberships in the organization. We are using existing levels of income but are now allowing a combination of advances and income earned in a 12 month period to rise to the qualifying amounts.” Continue reading



  If you want to write a book, but are afraid it won’t sell, or that you’ll need a lot of money to advertise it, fear no more! There are plenty of things you need to consider, of course, but when it’s done, it’s up to you how to sell it, and it’s also mostly FREE. If you’re looking to improve your writing, whether it regards editing or proofreading what you’ve already created, you can seek help from professionals online, in websites like EduBirdie. Afterward, the advertising is all up to you to decide. Marketing a self-published book can beRead More Continue reading

Indie Book Review: Ascension, a Tangled Axon Novel


  Title: Ascension: A Tangled Axon Novel Author: Jacqueline Koyanagi Genre: SF Price: $6.99 (ebook) / $12.30 (paperback Publisher: Masque Books ISBN 978-1607014010 Point of Sale: Amazon Publishers site Reviewed by: Chris Gerrib   I am a guest reviewer on the blog Heroines of Fantasy.  It’s a gig I paid the same as I do here, which is to say nothing.  In this case, the gig cost me something, because a review I read on Heroines of Fantasy prompted me to buy Ascension.  I’m glad I did.The novel is the story of Alana Quick, “sky surgeon” which means she fixes spaceships.  Unfortunately,Read More Continue reading

Indie Book Review: Proof of Our Resolve


  Title: Proof of Our Resolve Author: Chris Hernandez Genre: military fiction Price: $5.99 (ebook) / $10.86 (paperback Publisher: Tactical 16 ISBN 978-0985558291 Point of Sale: Amazon Reviewed by: Chris Gerrib   Some time back, I stumbled on the blog of Chris Hernandez while searching for something else.  From his author’s bio: Chris Hernandez is a 20 year police officer, former Marine and currently serving National Guard soldier with over 25 years of military service. He is a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and also served 18 months as a United Nations police officer in Kosovo.  In short, ChrisRead More Continue reading

11 Habits You Should Get Rid of to Become a Better Writer – Catrin Cooper | Guest Post


  You can’t be a successful writer by accident. The reason for this is that you have to develop as a writer and learn from other writers. It can take years and a lot of sleepless nights before you master it. You also need the guidance of your trusted mentors to help you along the way. It’s also difficult to be a better writer if you don’t put in work ahead of time. If you wish to be a better writer, then you need to work toward that goal. By achieving this target, you need to develop writing habits andRead More Continue reading

A Writers Conference Survival Guide


  You’re going to a writers conference. You’ve booked your travel and are excited and ready to meet fellow aspiring writers, fawn over your established writing heroes and maybe accomplish that Big Next Step in your writing career, whether it be finding an agent, publisher or key connection. Easy, right? You just show up? Not quite. Conferences—whether they’re major book events like BEA, comic book conventions like San Diego Comicon or genre-specific fan events like BoucherCon—aren’t vacations where great things just appear, fully-formed, or where your endgame is to get sloppy and make a fool of yourself. They can beRead More Continue reading

5 Self-Publishing Trends You Need To Know


  The phenomenon of self-publishing existed at all times and, in fact, for many centuries it was an integral part of literary culture. Later, self-publishing became expensive and less prestigious. This continued until the era of digital books came and made self-publishing inexpensive, affordable, and even respectable. If you need to be aware of the latest book publishing industry trends, here is a top 5 of them. 1) Outrageous Topics Trend Opportunities increase all the time. Nowadays, almost anyone can publish, that is why the book world becomes more and more global, and diverse. However, how a writer canRead More Continue reading

Author Interview: Andrew Fitzmorris – “Romancing the Reader”


 This will be a great couple of weeks on A Book Inside Blog because I will be interviewing several new authors whose books were published in a wide-spread array of genres. If you’re working on your first or second book right now, you should find these interviews to be full of good information. I will attempt to post one new interview each week. This initial interview is with first-time author, Andrew Fitzmorris. I chose this one to start because Andrew has published a “literary fiction” novel with a touch of Romance; a very common genre. In this interview I willRead More Continue reading

How to promote yourself as a writer


  If you are interested in promotions, then you do not probably want to know about the ways to improve writing skills because you seem to be a professional in this sphere. However, finding the ways to become promoted is even harder that learning how to write. If you have a publisher, he/she has to advertise you as well as your book. However, if you are self-published author, then you need to make promotions by yourself. Make some efforts to become known to the reading audience and make your book a popular one. If a question “Can I sell myself?”Read More Continue reading

How to Stick to Your Writing Schedule


  This is How to Stick to Your Writing Schedule With Ease The biggest problems that writers face are distractions that keep us from writing. Whether you’re a published author, aspiring, or just beginning down the writer’s path, if you hope to be accomplished, you need to first find the time to actually write. Getting through all of the distractions is hard work. Luckily, once you have this part mastered, the rest will come. Here’s how you can create a distraction free environment and stick to your writing schedule. Create a Sacred (Clear) Space to Work The first thing thatRead More Continue reading

9 tips to start building a book cover design you always wanted


  Before you even begin your novel, you have an idea in your mind of what you want the finished product to look like. No one will ever see your characters, your research, your plot, or the way you pictured the sunlight filtering through the window just so. No, the only thing they will see is your book cover design. Your book cover design is what draws people into the text you lovingly crafted from only a blank page and an idea. At the end of the day, your book cover design is the image that your readers will mostRead More Continue reading